Hotel restaurant tables and chairs height how many facilities?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-26

the hotel restaurant, mensal chair is too high or too low, will feel uncomfortable when having a meal, eat chair is too high, lumbar acid is pain. Unfavorable also sit sofa to have a meal, eat chair height is 450 mm. Eat chair seat and back straight ( Even with the Angle, also with 2 ° - 3 ° for appropriate) About 20 mm thick cushion, but 25 mm thick plate also. Some soft mat chair do 50 mm, there are serpentine slingshot, take this chair to have a meal, as the chair is comfortable. Underneath, small make up to sort out some of the hotel restaurant facilities height for your reference: ( Unit: mm)

( 1) High table: 750 ~ 790.

( 2) High chair: 450 ~ 500.

( 3) Diameter of the round table 2 people: 600, three people: 800, four people: 900, five of them: 1100, six people: 100 - 125 and eight: 1300, ten people, 1500, 12:1800.

( 4) Square table size: 2 people: 700 x 850, four people: 1350 x 850, eight people: 220 x 850.

( 5) Table wheel diameter: 700 ~ 800

( 6) Table space: ( The seat of 500) Should be greater than 500

( 7) Main: wide - 1200 1300

  ( 8) Internal channels: - 600 90

( 9) The bar counter high: 900 1050, width: 500

( 10) High bar stool: 600 ~ 750

metope size ( Unit: mm)

( 1) High dado line: 800-1500.

( 2) Skirting board high: 150 ~ 200.

( 3) Picture rail high: 1600 ~ 1800 ( Center distance of ground level) 。

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