Hotel restaurant furniture to decorate and decorate material selection

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-26

mensal, eat, wine is an essential part of the hotel furniture. The size of the table and eat chair should keep up with the overall environment of the hotel restaurant, large spacious style, small and exquisite exquisite. Put the position to choose a longer surround close the wall, can make people calm and repast, about 800 mm to set aside a corridor leading to the kitchen to facilitate between kitchen and dining-room space, can consider Angle type wine, can save a space already, and ensure the use function. Hotel Angle type wine in fact have a variety of functions, set equipment eat, store, display, decoration, partition, and other functions in one body.

hotel restaurant floor and compound wood floor is first selection material with all sorts of ceramic tile, both because of wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure dirty, easy to clean and popular. But the choose and buy is compound wooden floor must pay attention to the requirements of environmental protection is unqualified, is the unit of formaldehyde release a quantity to make sure those goals are met. Hotel restaurant should not be ground material use carpet, the carpet is not resistant to dirty and difficult to clean and how many will have oily soup restaurant, grain, soup stains on the carpet, it is difficult to deal with clean.

hotel restaurant metope material to common emulsioni paint, generally should choose warm color, such as rice white, ivory, etc. To the overall style of humorous, restaurants need a more stylized as a bright spot, the metope of this wall can focus on design. Using some special material to process, such as texture wall paint, really stone paint, wall cloth, wall cloth, etc.

hotel restaurant top surface treatment according to space overall arrangement. If do condole top, usually use plasterboard again with emulsioni paint finish on the top of the emulsioni paint of pure white as far as possible, so that the light into the room a good reflection.

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