Hotel plate table maintenance skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-26

want to maintain the brightness of the original hotel table, there are table care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent skincare product in two eat desk and chair. The former is mainly aimed at all kinds of wood, the material such as polyester, paint, fire rubber sheet table, with jasmine and lemon two different and fresh fragrance. Which are suitable for all kinds of wood, glass, synthetic material such as wood or beauty resistant board table, especially for mixed material of hotel dining table. Therefore, if you can use both clean and care the effect maintain article, can save a lot of valuable time.

hotel plate table maintenance:

1, avoid hard thing or sharp collision eat table and chair.

2, metal furniture accessories only with a dry towel to wipe gently, cannot use contain chemical cleaners, avoid by all means use acid liquid cleaning. , such as metal trim surface is difficult to remove the black spots available kerosene to wipe, clean.

3, edge like a cock and abscission layer, can be in the above in thin cloth, with the iron stick can be restored.

4, remove the dust on the surface of the first, and then try the cloth or towel.

5, such as their dislocation caused by disassembling and assembling, failure or damage, should timely notify the store handling.

6, table plate shall be put in the high temperature, humidity, vibration, sharp, strong light in the bedroom should keep cool.

7, if there is any scratch or dent, complementary color can be used with the paint.

8, board type furniture, such as scratches or dent, complementary color can be used with the paint.

9, regular inspection on board type furniture fittings table, found loose should be reinforced in time.

10, of board type furniture table clean, should be with a feather duster, flexible equipment for cleaning, with a soft cloth to wipe gently again.

11, board type furniture table edge as a cock and abscission layer, and can be cast on thin cloth, with the iron stick can be restored.

12, board type furniture table available towel touchs a few water or proper cleaner to clean, panel can be regularly used furniture nurses candle to care, and keep clean inside ark.

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