Hotel lobby furniture is to decorate wall, how to design

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-29

solid loading hotel furniture hall decorates a wall to how to design

solid to decorate wall how to design the hotel lobby?

( 1) In the hotel Chinese style is decorated in, metope is a very important link, the habit of consumers into the hotel is to look at the surrounding environment as a whole. General hotel space is four walls, the importance of the visible wall design. In the metope of hotel design, matching hotel owner in integral style at the same time, don't forget to promote his own personality, to attract consumers.

( 2) In the process of hotel design, the designer's handling of the wall depends on structure of significance. If there is a structural meaning, form of the wall should be looked a weight; If there is no structure wall meaning, considering that it is the role of the building elements in history, it should be similar with, the owner must pay attention to.

( 3) Design hotel wall, metope decorate a style to itself with the hotel style is unified whole. Condole top eaves door should be consistent with the line that play a base, wall plate height should match the wall height, achieve overall harmony series

1. Functional principle: includes three aspects: meet the requirements of using certificates, protect the main structure from loss, decorate building facade and the boutique hotel lobby space;

2。 Safety principles: both walls, floor and ceiling, its structure are required to have a certain strength and stiffness, meet the requirement of computing, and especially the connection between the parts of the node to be more safe and reliable.

3。 Feasibility principle: the design of the reason is that through the construction of the design into reality. So the boutique hotel lobby design must be feasible, construction is convenient, easy to operate.

4。 Economic principle: design standards should be according to the different practice of building to determine the nature and purpose. Don't blindly raise standard, seeking pure artistic effect, causing fund waste, not unilaterally reduce standard, effect. Important is under the same cost, through the ingenious structure design, achieved good practical and artistic effect.

how to decorate a design boutique hotel lobby?

1。 Reception hall is spacious and luxurious decoration, the light is enough.

2。 There is a suitable for the hotel scale and quality of the main reception. The main reception in Chinese and English. And check out area to the reception table and ask in different areas. Staff on duty 24 hours a day.

3。 With SMS, one-time total billing services, credit card service, foreign exchange service 24 hours a day.

4。 The main reception to provide hotel service project publicity materials, the price list in both English and Chinese, the city traffic map, the national tourist traffic map, the city and the national tourist attractions is introduced, all kinds of transportation schedules, newspapers and magazines, etc.

5。 8 hours can be directly to the domestic and international guest room reservation. Hotel and guest open the safe at the same time. Have janitors, full-time bell, the manager on duty, the lobby manager.

6。 Setting up guest rest area in the service areas, to provide the store wanted and arrange taxi services, in the hall and main public areas for the disabled and the wheelchair in and out of the ramp.

7。 The service can be used at least two foreign languages provide ( English as a necessary language) , the operator can use at least three foreign language service ( English as a necessary language) 。 All of the instructions and service at least are expressed both in Chinese and English.

introduced above hotel solid furniture hall decorates a wall how to design, hope to be of help.

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