Hotel kitchen decorate and space layout

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-24

let's open kitchen space on the vision is outspread, along the wall design ambry greatly saves the layout of the whole kitchen space; At the same time in the design of the kitchen and add a real wood the design of the island of Taiwan, neither let the kitchen appear too empty, it is also very convenient for our life. Pure white space for the kitchen to create a sense of fresh and pure, so can let whole space appear too single, but black ambry mesa presented by the line, but the outline of the whole framework of the kitchen, let whole space appear more strongly. Black and white photograph collocation of decorate, it is a classic; Black of integral ambry show the aesthetic feeling of a kind of stable, and crisp white collocation, although simple but after the fusion of color is more show the temperament of a kind of simple and easy.

1, ventilation facilities

as a result of the hotel kitchen area is finite, and general hotel is Chinese food cooking, frying or some pungent smell when cooking, so the hotel through sex is particularly important in the design of the kitchen. Can adopt high-power smoking machine or the exhaust fan such function facilities, can make the whole kitchen space to ensure clean and relaxed, make kitchen smells can dissipate faster. Although is the hotel kitchen design, its decorate a basic is necessary, it is to have enough space, when users need to have basic operating space, in the kitchen washing area, chopping vegetables, cooking area is just need to have, but, because of the size of the space is reasonable allocation of space, in space on the vision not feel crowded.

2, should be reasonable space design

wash dish pool and hearth should be reasonable, the distance between adjacent distance can't be too close, it may cause fire accidents, such as working in the distance with smoking machine should also meet the user's height, the average distance in 60 centimeters, wash dish pool and the height of the ground should be reasonable, and should wash dish pool than the hearth in the design of the first point, so that we can on the water splashed on the hearth or the ground, make the ground more humid, affect the dry degree of the kitchen.

3, ground Ming ditch design

hotel is the ground of the kitchen should ensure the dryness and so on the kitchen floor when Ming ditch design need to ditch its design a bit deeper, so that when the water clear. Ming ditch above still need to install barbed wire to prevent debris fell into the ditch clogging the ditch, the ground water.

4, a lighting

in the hotel kitchen should notice daylighting and illume function, must be taken into account when choosing the location of the hotel kitchen daylighting is good place to do the kitchen, on the illume of the kitchen in addition to the overall lighting still need to install local lighting, beside the wash dish pool to install a droplight, convenient user better work to ensure the food clean.

5, use cool color to move

for hotel kitchen walls should choose the material of stain resistant, easy cleaning, general is to use ceramic tile in the kitchen, can facilitate daily cleaning, and make a person feel very clean and bright on the vision, the ground also need to use the same as color anti-skid, durable, easy to clean material, it also can make a meal in the hotel customers have a good mood.

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