Hotel furniture table to choose the point

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-07

hotel furniture of choose and buy table need to consider the following points: 1, the first thing to note hotel furniture table style: square or round table is the most commonly used, long round table is popular now. Eat chair structure simple, by folding the best. Jas emperor furniture engineering network it is recommended that you are in the dining room space, under the condition of rather smaller fold up don't eat desk and chair, can effectively save space. Otherwise, the big table can make dining-room space is very crowded. So, some more favor folding table. The modelling of eat chair and colour, to be in harmony with the table, and with the style is consistent throughout the restaurant.

second, hotel furniture more pay attention to the style. Show the log eat table and chair of the natural texture, full of natural simple breath; Metal plating with artificial leather or fabric of the steel tube furniture, elegant, has the time feeling, prominent texture contrast effect; High-grade dark hard package set furniture, appear elegant style, delicate deep, contain rich full-bodied Oriental emotional appeal. Emperor hotel furniture manufacturers, suggest you on the arrangement of the furniture in dining-room, a patchwork of avoid by all means, so as not to let a person look messy and not a system.

again, still should match with catering ark, to keep some tableware, supplies ( Such as glass, GaiQi etc. ) Dinner, wine, beverage, napkins and other auxiliary equipment of furniture. Also can consider to set up temporary storage food utensils such as ( Cooking POTS, cans, etc. ) 。 Hotel furniture manufacturers to provide you with professional design, decoration, customized one-piece furniture services, to provide you with different colors, different styles of different kinds of hotel furniture.

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