Hotel furniture structure design installation

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-07
One, the quality of hotel furniture, hotel furniture quality first, texture clear, fine workmanship, beautiful, such furniture decoration to the hotel plays a certain effect. Served as a hotel room with a creative chair, such as egg chair, swan chair, the chair that such creative furniture can show the hotel's different, to have very big effect to attract customers. Second, fire prevention, general formaldehyde free hotel with no clear rules, but have furniture fire protection requirements under the condition of the hotel allows certain parts can use fire prevention board, iron paint, flame retardant fabrics, etc. Three, installation, hotel room furniture is fixed furniture is more, a lot of on board structure, and selects the wood screw, hardware fittings and adhesive as joint way. Should be paid attention to when using materials of different material properties, such as particle board, MDF holding nail force is poorer, avoid is used in the frequent activities or need strong force that grasp a hammer parts, such as door hinge screw parts, smoke rail bottom rail screw parts, loose easily produce sound. Bed screen, hardware accessories parts should pay special attention to frame the wall or use wood instead of reinforcement, the currently popular (45 degrees of inversion structure.

4, cost performance, not only conform to the requirements of the hotel guest room furniture, and efficient production, reduce cost, cost performance is critical, using specialized processing technology, processing equipment, the production of high-grade hotel furniture is in line with people-oriented comfort requirements. Hotel floor generally higher, requires furniture light weight in transportation. Especially some conjoined bed back, some extended table, elevator can't transport, freight elevator in furniture installation has been removed, how to transportation safety, need special consideration from the material weight and structure.

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