Hotel furniture sofa of choose and buy skills and types

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-12

hotel furniture of choose and buy skills and

1, choose according to the structure of the room hotel sofa. Hotel sofa of choose and buy in one room, best can change the layout, to the customer to the newness. If the choose and buy of cloth art sofa, can buy a set of sofa set for the use of different season.

2. When the hotel sofa of choose and buy should consider safety and durability, hotel sofa don't have the sharp prominent edges, its color also answer bright and lively and lively. For the elderly, hotel sofa sits the height to be moderate, if too low, sit down, it isn't very convenient for; And for young people in the back of a chair shorter will feel more comfortable. According to the different population size is not the same.

3, to the hotel to relax your body and spirit, to enjoy a relaxing, hotel sofa seat should be with comfortable give priority to, its sit face and back of a chair all answer in order to suit the curved surface of structure of human body physiology had better. If room area is lesser, no hotel armrest sofa is a good choice.

4, is according to room size, structure of choose and buy. Small private room appropriate USES flexible volume hotel sofa, make space of room the rest larger; Put the hotel hall equipped with tea table, sofa is more convenient and comfortable room hotel sofa of small optional choose takes the room board below have store of object space type, take put items is convenient, one content is multi-purpose.

5, coordinated with the adornment style of the hotel and other furniture. According to your own needs and preferences to choose their own like and around and match colors.

hotel sofa type

1, low back hotel sofa

the rest belongs to the type of portable chair. It a point to bear the user the waist ( Lumbar spine) This hotel sofa backrest height is low, about 370 mm general distance seat surface, the Angle of the back of a chair is also small, is not only beneficial to rest, and size of the whole hotel sofa periphery Narrows accordingly. This hotel sofa is moved more convenient, lightweight, cover an area of an area small.

2, high back hotel sofa

is also called the airline seats. It is characterized by three fulcrum, make the person's waist, shoulder, back at the same time on the surface on the back of a chair. These three points in space does not form a straight line, thus making this hotel sofa technology demand is higher, difficulty chooses when buying bigger also. Making high back hotel sofa is worn, must be made at 3 o 'clock explicitly on frame, of twist surface, or on the hotel sofa covers the process such as difficult to ensure that the location of the strong point, bring discomfort to the user.

when high back hotel sofa of choose and buy should pay attention to whether the composition of the three points on the reverse of the reasonable and appropriate, can seat through trying try to decide. Evolve from deck chair and tall back hotel sofa. Rest in order to improve performance, but also deserve to be a footstool, placed before hotel sofa, its height is the same as the hotel sofa to the frontier.

3, ordinary hotel sofa

in the same way, the hotel width of sofa seat surface also shoulds not be too large, usually within 540 mm according to the standard requirements, so that users of crus can adjust sitting position at will, rest more comfortable.

hotel sofa style choose

1, the Chinese style sofa

emphasizes the warm in winter and cool in summer, the four seasons all appropriate. The characteristics of Chinese style sofa is whole and bare outer wood frame. On the sponge chair cushion of buy can dismiss according to need. This kind of flexible ways, make the Chinese style sofa was deeply loved by many people, warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical, national conditions suitable to China's north-south temperature difference is bigger.

2, luxury classic sofa

stress line is concise, suit contemporary household. The characteristics of luxury classic sofa is full of modern style, the color is more elegant, line is concise, suitable for most families. This kind of sofa applicable range is very wide also, in the bedroom of all sorts of styles feels good. Recently, the sofa that more popular is light color, like white, cream-colored, etc.

3, beautiful type sofa

emphasize comfortable but covers an area of more. Beautiful type sofa main emphasis on comfort, let a person feel like gently to encircle sitting in general. At present a lot of sofa already all made of the main frame with different hardness of sponge. And many traditional American sofa base still use the design of the spring with a sponge, which makes this kind of sofa is very sturdy.

above, summarize the relevant foshan changcheng hotel sofa furniture of choose and buy skills and types, hope to be of help.

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