Hotel furniture of beautiful pear wood maintenance to do do not 5 to 10

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-30

hotel furniture of beautiful pear wood, color bright, compared to other rare wood furniture, more vulnerable to young people's favorite. So in the modern hotel, some hotels like raw wind restoring ancient ways of solid wood furniture, buy furniture of beautiful pear wood, but the biggest drawback is rosewood furniture and maintenance more difficult, there may be damp, moths, cracks and other issues, if really like the furniture of real wood kind, in after the purchase, also want to do a good job in maintenance of solid wood furniture does have a lot of benefits, but like rosewood wood, itself, the price is not cheap, if not good maintenance, such as cracking problem, repent at leisure. Rosewood furniture, then, how to maintain? Small make up tell you 10 avoid third, we need to do this.

a, hotel furniture of beautiful pear wood, maintenance and cleaning: 10 avoid

1, avoid heavy pressure on top of the wardrobe, such as furniture, in order to avoid cupboard door bulges, cupboard door closed lax; Clothes also avoid pile up too much, avoid over cupboard door, in case of cupboard door deformation;

2, cream rinse or use is made of rag plywood furniture, avoid by all means in alkaline soak, preventing plywood glue or degumming;

3, avoid is used a old clothes as dishcloth rosewood furniture, it is better to use soft towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabric, and flannel, etc as cleaning tools, these are relatively good water imbibition cloth, the most suitable for furniture cleaning.

4, avoid is dragged hard pull when handling, should light up light put; Should be placed flat, if uneven ground, leg and padded, to prevent damaged mortise structure;

5, avoid is put furniture in the sunlight, also avoid is put too dry place, in case of wood cracking deformation;

6, avoid is put furniture very damp places, in order to avoid the wood in wet expand, time easily rotten, drawer might pull not open;

7, avoid is used a detergent to wash the rosewood furniture, with a wrong cleaning supplies, rosewood furniture cleaning could lead to 'disfigurement'. As a result of the wooden furniture material has the ability of absorbing water, soap water, detergent and other cleaning supplies is corrosive, furniture often contact the acid and alkaline detergent, paint will become darkened. The cleaning of furniture must use professional cleaners.

8, avoid is used a caustic or boiled water wash furniture or high levels of alcohol, banana is placed on the desktop.

9, avoid is used with furniture original paint different color pigments and putty mix well with embedded furniture fracture plugging after, lest leave scars; Just boiled water and boiled water, such as hot stuff, in case of damage to the paint.

10, avoid with dry dishcloth wood furniture, fiber, silicon sand and soil is the main composition of the dust, the fine particulate matter to paint scratches in the back and forth to wipe start will be very small, most basic to the naked eye can't identify, but for a long time, can make furniture surface light, no longer even more and more rough.

2, hotel furniture of beautiful pear wood maintenance: 5 to

1, should put on some Chinese prickly ash, inside furniture can prevent mice, camphor, tobacco, can prevent moth and cockroaches.

2, will put any standing water every few years a layer of varnish, to maintain the fresh color, luster and durable.

3, rosewood furniture needs regular maintenance. Best maintenance once every quarter, can use soft cloth, wood brush to clean the surface dust, wax evenly wipes Burma spend pear annatto furniture surface, prevent annatto furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp, scratched, and can keep the relative humidity and oily.

4, should promptly with mild soap water to furniture lacquer layer on the surface of the alkaline or to wash the oil stains, then use clean water, dry wax polish.

5, avoid hitting annatto furniture of beautiful pear wood, make the mortise and tenon joint fracture. If found a craze, annatto furniture panel should be timely to find local annatto master repair, maintenance period to appropriate use of such annatto furniture, avoid damage again, lead to annatto furniture completely damaged.

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