Hotel furniture maintain what matters needing attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-03

as a staff of the hotel, do you often meet with furniture smudgy, marks or cracks phenomenon, most of these problems are caused by daily maintenance is not in place or the wrong operation, like people, some people maintain good, so the age of 50 people look like 40 years old. Actually everything need maintenance, maintenance of good service life will be longer, in use process will be more healthy. Hotel furniture also is such. Then the hotel furniture should be how to maintain? Please see the following 9 points:

1. Don't use coarse, old clothes to wipe furniture, use towel, cotton cloth, cotton goods or good water imbibition such as flannel cloth will brush furniture. Coarse, cable head cloth or thread, button will cause scratches the surface of the furniture old clothes, you should try to avoid to use.

2。 Don't let the furniture in the sun insolates, this is also our maintenance of furniture of a faux pas. We are to maintain the rhythm of a dry furniture, but we must never use insolates this way, to do so, it's easy to let furniture deformation, once the furniture is hard to go back to the deformation.

3。 Dustproof, high-grade hotel furniture commonly have elegant decoration of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, maintenance of hotel furniture such as not clean regularly ash, the carve patterns or designs on woodwork decoration not only lost the elegant adornment effect, accumulation of dust will also affect the office furniture is beautiful. Hotel furniture maintain dust removing this step will do a good job, can effectively prevent the furniture 'ageing'.

4。 Don't use dry cloth to wipe dust on the surface of the furniture, these subtle grain wipe of the friction in the back and forth, has been damage furniture paint. Although these scratch very little, even naked eye cannot see, but over time, will cause the furniture surface bleak and coarse, shining no longer.

5。 Don't use soap water, detergent or water cleaning the furniture, soap water, detergent and other cleaning products not only can effectively remove dust accumulation on the surface of the furniture, also can't remove the silicon sand particles before polishing, and because they have a certain corrosive, and can damage the surface of the furniture, let furniture paint have dimmed. At the same time, if the moisture penetration into the wood, wood can also lead to mold or local deformation, shorten service life. Now a lot of furniture are fiberboard machine pressed into, if there is water seepage in the first two years because of the additives such as formaldehyde has not been finished completely volatile, not moldy. But once additive volatilization, wet cloth moisture will cause the furniture mould, if the residents on lower floors, home furniture is likely to 'mold' a huangmei days a year.

6。 Spray wax furniture care cannot be used to clean and maintain leather sofa, a lot of furniture nurse on the manual of spray wax can be used to maintain leather sofa, causing many housewives made a mistake. Furniture care spray wax can be used to spray woodiness furniture surface, cannot spray on the sofa. This is because the dermal sofa is the animal's skin, once the spray wax spray on it,, the pore that can bring about leather goods jams, over time, the leather will be aging and shorten its service life. In addition, some people in order to make furniture looks more luster, some wax product direct daub is on furniture, or improper use, can make furniture surface with fog patches instead.

7。 Maintenance skills and hotel furniture is in use to avoid frequent moving, tear open outfit. This can greatly reduce the hotel furniture damaged, effectively extending the service life of the hotel furniture. Time is long, yellow furniture office furniture maintain what to do, use a little egg white clean up repeatedly, to believe in it and will send out the light.

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