Hotel furniture customization need to consider what factors?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-23
When custom hotel furniture, there are many factors need to be further consideration, for example, from the aspects of safety can fire? High temperature resistant effect how? Wear-resisting performance is qualified? Environmental protection standards? From the aspects of objective, coordination style? The cost of a bargain? High quality waterproof performance? Hotel furniture customization need to consider what factors? A: the burning tobacco, fire safety, heat-resisting matches to furniture surface to cause damage, serious still can cause fire accident, fireproof property of the hotel furniture is not trivial; 2: wear-resisting performance room daily necessities, such as telephone, ashtrays, mug, small table lamp, electric heater, etc. In use at ordinary times is likely to cause the furniture surface scratch, damage of furniture service life effectively. Furniture furniture plate wear-resisting performance is to determine effective service life is one of the important key factor; Three: environmental protection furniture material, such as plywood, high density fiberboard, super glue and paint, can release harmful substances to the human body. Hotel and hotel room relative ventilation, stimulate the eyes and nostrils gas immediately harm the occupancy of the room, furniture of environmental protection has become the contemporary customers choose moved into the hotel premise of important key factor; Four: the design of furniture style should match the decoration style, luxury furniture, avoid concise adornment supplement or luxury decoration supplement low furniture; To choose furniture, consideration should be given to the hotel and the hotel location, customer demand, the house price and investment limited, etc. To customer concept of love and life as the center, with a moderate amount of furniture design and products to fill the shortage of the architectural and decorative style, raise the level of the hotel and characteristics; Five: one-time costs and use value in order to ensure that no harm customers move due to the embrittlement of furniture and damaged, furniture selection, remove considering a cost, should also be given a decoration furniture at the same time in the operation process of a total investment over and over again, should choose not repeated investment as well as the appearance is cost-effective, economical and practical products, at the same time, also should consider to furniture company warranty period; Six: moistureproof and dustproof and hotel room at the hotel, the humidity will always damaged hotel room furniture. Tea leaves piled up outside, moisture inside the bathroom, and wash bath sauna steam diffusion, bath wet paper towels, touch, cycle chi hou environment humidity change, etc. , can cause furniture package edge leak, fall off, gluten deformation expansion, especially the problems such as crack, small bubble, the mildew, so order furniture should consider its moistureproof and dustproof function.
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