Hotel furniture customization is popular because targeted

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-23
More and more will choose hotel furniture customization, because of the characteristics of hotel furniture customization is targeted, in view of the demand for customization, customization for style, the cost for custom. 1, to consider different customers different personalized requirements for hotel furniture. In traditional marketing, hotel furniture companies usually on the basis of summary of market research, follow these days hotel furniture fashion trends in hotel furniture product development manufacturing. But this kind of way out of the hotel furniture manufacturing and not do is not in conformity with the provisions, is style can not consider my needs. And customized marketing subdivides the market to the individual, according to my design hotel furniture, the customer is one of the hotel furniture designer. Can be based on personal interests clearly put forward some special provisions, such as colour collocation, humanized models these specifications. 2, reduce JiYaHuo. Under the traditional marketing way hotel furniture company in pursuit of perfect economic profits, according to the large-scale production to reduce the production cost, if the market suffered a bit iffy, this kind of scale production of hotel furniture because similar must cause the inventory backlog or inventory backlog, and result in extravagance and waste of resources. And customized marketing is based on customer orders, production and manufacturing, basically do not have inventory, speed up the turnover of funds. 3, reduce marketing costs. In the traditional marketing methods, hotel furniture company in order to seize market, usually according to the advertisement, build the dealership business promotion and other methods to drive sales, so the cost is higher. And customized marketing if hotel furniture quality assured, affordable, hotel furniture, will be able to sell out. Manufacturer in customized marketing deal directly with customers to reduce the sales stage, also reduces the various expenditures.
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