Hotel custom furniture should pay attention to? What are the advantages?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-28

hotel custom furniture should pay attention to? What are the advantages?

there are a lot of hotel, like our home, also want to customize furniture, what about the hotel furniture customization, should pay attention to what, what are the advantages of hotel furniture customization, these have a lot of people don't understand, will be blind to buy custom hotel furniture, hotel furniture customization, gradually abandoned previously the sort of hotel furniture on pure purchasing patterns, so do exactly what are the advantages? Then let small make up to introduce the hotel furniture: custom manufacturer, hope for those who are ready to open the hotel, to furniture can help.

hotel furniture custom need to pay attention to what?

1, the custom hotel furniture to the depth of the communication with stylist

when it comes to customize the process of hotel furniture, first, the customer is want to seek advice to store, communicate and designers, designers can measure the door, determine the size of furniture and put the position, then, after the completion of delivery installation. It is important to warn broad customer, custom furniture hotel furniture is different from ordinary products, consumers and businesses communicate not only on the simple level, need to communicate more depth.

2, custom hotel furniture acceptance points

custom hotel furniture although meet the personalized needs, but there are also many link, in order to avoid these problems, the acceptance is essential. The owner when acceptance of custom furniture, decorate furniture appearance should be checked for quality and appearance quality of package door window has without similar. Can look from the surface of paint film is smooth and shining, there are no flow 1 pendant, quality defects such as bubbles, wrinkles, it remains to be seen whether decoration panel color, decorative pattern is consistent, is there any point of corrosion, and residue and so on, processing a variety of man-made board components sealing side whether tight straight, presence of degumming, surface smooth level off, do you have any knock against. Besides, observe whether the furniture work, from part to observe, the furniture the rationality of the link between each component and fastness. The overall structure of the furniture, each connection, including horizontal and vertical connection must be closed, cannot have crack, not loose, consumers can use the hand gently push, if a rock or a creaking sound, structure is firm.

4, custom hotel furniture to decorate the style is unified

a lot of people complain about custom furniture back, to feel and room after room decorate a style to do not take tone. Factory, to remind you that before the implementation of decorate, should will be designated hotel furniture style, and then according to the style, to custom, buy furniture and soft outfit, so you can avoid furniture and whole decorate a style is not unified. In addition, many people choose custom furniture in addition to the pursuit of individual character, also want to save money, if the budget is limited, don't just in the pursuit of personality to do some unnecessary design, cause unnecessary waste.

to print a than a proofing drawings, and business and design to production drawings and materials requirements.

5。 Each project to form the corresponding folder, the scene of the unified management of each project furniture and drawings, issued do personnel records management, change and archive one by one.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody for hotel furniture customization has already had certain understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of the

small make up recommend stay here,, choose some big brand hotel furniture customization, because of big brand hotel furniture customization is more reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, will help you understand that the advantages of hotel furniture customization, should how to purchase.

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