Hotel custom furniture development design principles

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-28

custom hotel furniture products to meet the personalized needs of customers. Each custom hotel furniture customers all can according to their own needs, you want to custom furniture style, design, specifications, etc. , in order to meet the overall requirements for decoration, make decoration liberalization and transparent. Due to the market demand, the hotel custom furniture still need to meet the requirements of mass production. Custom to the research and development of hotel furniture in the early and late for an individual user's personalized design should satisfy certain design principles, in order to resolve the contradiction produced by mass production and customization.

( 1) Meet demand principle

furniture is in order to meet the demand of people to a certain material and purpose and the design and production. In the product continuously updated iterative times, people pay more attention to the function of furniture can satisfy his new requirements in the life, so the furniture is functional design principles of the guide. Custom hotel furniture. In the early stage of the research and development design, should be given priority to with the actual needs of users and potential demand. Designers from the perspective of consumers, met on the market research data, analysis the demand of consumer information, as the basis for new product development.

( 2) Principle of dialectical thinking

in the process of furniture design, the model of furniture, should be considered whether conflict between function and the generation process. Adding features may increase artifacts destroyed formative beauty, will also complicate the process; Too simple design, lack of sense of beauty, the function is less practical. Hotel to customize the beautiful sex of furniture is the main points of the consumers consider, and practicability, multi-functional consumers are the important factors that determine to buy goods. In research and development design, the designer should use the principle of dialectical concept, do beautiful shape, reasonable structure, more functional furniture, at the same time, try to optimize the production process.

( 3) Creative principle

in recent years, people growing demand for high-end custom hotel furniture, custom furniture industry market, the increasingly fierce competition between brands. Custom hotel furniture to get the favour of consumer, it must have its unique creativity, in order to stand out in the numerous custom hotel furniture products. In the process of research and development design, through creative thinking and the application of new technology, develop the new functions of the furniture, the conception of the new forms of furniture, the development of new material, new structure, to make the design of new products have competitive enough, prolong the lifecycle of the product.

( 4) Epidemic principle

custom hotel furniture products constantly updated iteration, only keep epidemic principle, design a product with time characteristics, follow the trend of The Times and lead the development direction of custom hotel furniture, can make the new push file of marketable products, meet market demand.

( 5) Standardization and modularization design principle

standardized design refers to according to national standard, the product of the material, size, structure, product drawings, technical documents for standardization, make the product standardization of plate increases, simplify the production process, shorten the production cycle, a rich portfolio of products. Modular design is a modular product units, the use of standardized fittings, established universal module and special module connection into new products. Modular furniture is obtained by different combinations of furniture form also each are not identical, to achieve the purpose of quickly to implement custom furniture diversity. Standardization and modularization design principles, to customize the mass production of hotel furniture, in order to achieve market to the hotel to customize furniture updated quickly, diversification, personalized needs.

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