Hong Kong sell better the choice of furniture and furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-26

Hong Kong sell better home with what? According to the survey, the furniture that Hong Kong is more and more tend to classic furniture, style start and abroad is a little similar, so in recent years, the classic furniture to sell in Hong Kong is better.

often have confused when consumer is buying furniture, like classical furniture are mostly foreign designers design, a lot of different characteristics and domestic furniture, like a classic furniture should be how to choose? Actually choose classic furniture steps and other furniture is the same. 1, see the materials of furniture, wood or leather or metal, different materials have different maintenance methods. Sofa, the hammock, soft hard moderate, can't too hard and too soft, wooden furniture to test the moisture content and dry humidity, hardware components to have signs of rust. 2, test the overall structure is firm. Three or four feet whether level off.
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