Hong Kong sell better furniture, Herman miller furniture design to change the world

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-26

the better Hong Kong sells furniture, including Herman miller furniture, as one of Hong Kong to sell better furniture Herman miller furniture, actually is a what kind of furniture company? Herman Miller, founded in 1905, Herman Miller company evolved from a traditional furniture production company of modern furniture design and production center in the United States. Herman miller furniture is the main producers of furniture and interior design, in the United States so that the field of furniture has a high reputation around the world.

Herman Miller company focus on design is more important than any other, cooperate with world famous designers, have their own designer team. 其中Gilbert Rohde, George Nelson, Charles & Ray Eames, Alexander Girard, Isamu Noguchi, Herman Miller company design pioneer, they make Herman Miller changes the traditional furniture design path.

now shenzhen jas emperor would be a perfect copy of Herman miller furniture, furniture design and the original 1:1. Materials have been strictly selected, is imported cowhide leather, leather glossy, wear-resisting, prevent cattle scar beef tendon. Hardware aspect is one of the best stainless steel series, after polishing grinding, the surface can be smooth like a mirror. Our product a lot are personally by hand sewing, make product lines more smooth.

we should constantly strive for excellence, the pursue is perfect, will design into the blood of the enterprise, make the design to change the world, and Hong Kong numerous furniture stores and designers have cooperation, let Herman miller furniture is familiar, let it become one of the best furniture sold in Hong Kong.

Owing to its luxury classic sofa and classic dining room furniture benefits, has become a buzzword in the luxury classic sofa market.
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