Home decoration in the sitting room sofa collocation method is small objects

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

home decoration in recent years has been the focus of an industry, home decoration and sitting room adornment as the main, and cannot leave the adornment of the sitting room living room furniture.com/classic-sofa' target='_blank'>sofa, the sofa in the household adornment played a key role in the sofa in the whole household space space is larger and most attract attention, so sitting room sofa and collocation is the key, sofa collocation talk about today.

1, adorn article collocation method

can be the same as color or color of the accessories with the sitting room sofa collocation, can appear very harmonious, floral organ, furnishing articles, advice is given priority to with small. Also can consider to some plain modelling is simple, the material of small furniture and sofa together, visual effect is better.

2, pillow collocation method

either round or square pillow, soft touch, let a person fondle admiringly. Tucked behind his back, holding in your hands, sleep on the couch pillow on it directly, use so much, can put a few more, but should pay attention to color collocation, already beautiful practical.

3, carpet collocation method

for some people, the most comfortable way in addition to sitting on the sofa, sit on sofa sits on the carpet. Carpet of long fine hair and short carpet, stepping up very comfortable, tie-in and different style of the sitting room, beautiful and comfortable, can play.

the above method is the collocation of the sitting room sofa with respect to its surrounding objects, these points are just some small aspects of collocation, the sofa collocation has a lot of important places, for example, wall color, tea table, TV ark, etc.

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