High-grade leather sofa of choose and buy skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-03
The leisure leather sofa internal materials directly affects the comfort and durability of sofa, have different density sponge, the same density also have different resilience, the actual use in where? A package is best choose high rebound, sedentary not variant and comfortable; On package with 3 a doll cotton, that is the true feeling that sat on the sofa; Surface material: dermal sofa leather, imitation leather, cloth, etc. ( The following an example with leather) Leather classification: imported leather and domestic leather; Head skin and skin on the second floor; Recreational sofa generally choose imported or domestic head skin, leather is very soft, wear-resisting, non-deformation, sit feeling good; As for the second floor leather multi-purpose in rich thick leather sofa, the sofa is mainly use stereotypes sponges, density is very high, sit hard; The main is to look at the individual be fond of, but this kind of sofa leather is close friends certainly, otherwise easy to fade.

the hall sofa color choose

in the hall hall we usually put a set of sofa, the sofa of different hall put differently, the hall of sofa color selection is one of the important factors that affect the household style, so it is very important to the hall sofa color choice, like contemporary and contracted selection and you can choose the floor color cloth art sofa, can choose design and color is more like the Korean style of dermal sofa cloth or light color, and so on.

the hall sofa color choices for the small family, you can choose white sofa, the style is concise and light-hearted will give a soothing atmosphere space, its curve with a single chair directly across the living room sofa echo. A headache, sunlight in the morning very lyrical, just act the role ofing is tasted appropriate, the whole family is warm.

for a large family to customers can choose corbusier sofa of black, give a person with a kind of atmosphere, fashion, usually with transparent beside sofa tea table like Barcelona tea table, concise and rich details, is the best choice of hospitality.

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