High-grade leather sofa of choose and buy skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-25
The leisure leather sofa internal materials directly affects the comfort and durability of sofa, have different density sponge, the same density also have different resilience, the actual use in where? A package is best choose high rebound, sedentary not variant and comfortable; On package with 3 a doll cotton, that is the true feeling that sat on the sofa; Surface material: dermal sofa leather, imitation leather, cloth, etc. ( The following an example with leather) Leather classification: imported leather and domestic leather; Head skin and skin on the second floor; Recreational sofa generally choose imported or domestic head skin, leather is very soft, wear-resisting, non-deformation, sit feeling good; As for the second floor leather multi-purpose in rich thick leather sofa, the sofa is mainly use stereotypes sponges, density is very high, sit hard; The main is to look at the individual be fond of, but this kind of sofa leather is close friends certainly, otherwise easy to fade.

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