High-grade home have what standards?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-24

high-grade home have what standards? Introduce you to the hotel furniture manufacturer.

what high-end custom whole wood furniture is what? It's hard to have an absolute standard, experts put forward the following several as the judging standard of high-end custom furniture: application of natural solid wood materials processed, with precious materials for decoration, carved fine do fine workmanship, personality is a typical style, on the other hand, traditional style, national characteristics and local characteristics, can be called a special age.

high-end custom whole wood furniture standard

1, the personality is a typical style

high-end custom whole wood furniture style is another condition of personality and art characteristic. Archaize furniture must reflect the historical period of the artistic characteristics, such as China bright type custom furniture, French Louis xv style ( Rococo) Log furniture. Modern solid wood furniture also must be easy to identify the style of the personality, such as Italy the whole wood furniture, the solid wood furniture, etc. In addition, traditional style, national characteristics and local characteristics, time characteristics can be called personality.

2。 Application of natural material, real wood the

natural material, especially the wood log, custom furniture material, has been a main in all ages has been loved and cherished by the people. Such as walnut era in the history of the British furniture, walnut, mahogany era, a period is the main material to embody characteristics of furniture. In increasingly scarce natural resources, environmental protection consciousness increasingly intense today, when people's aesthetic consciousness and full of nostalgic appeal today, natural material more get the favour of people.

in terms of the grade of the furniture, with the furniture of real wood processing, if the modelling, the process is pretty good, when it belongs to high grade product. Such as pine furniture, wood is not valuable, but with pine furniture, is popular in the international market. Such as rubber wood furniture again, rubber wood firewood materials are neglected in the past, today with a rubber wood processing and wood sofa, sometimes is expensive on dermal sofa. Solid wood furniture is better than man-made board furniture, wooden furniture, Including man-made board) Better than metal, plastic furniture your in imitation leather sofa leather sofa are universal standards of the masses.

3, decorated with precious materials for

in terms of wood furniture, use precious wood processing of solid wood furniture is valuable, such as all kinds of material is close-grained, collectively known as 'mahogany' color dark hardwood furniture can be called a high-grade furniture processing.

4。 If use spend pear, walnut, mahogany, red shadow wood, white shadow wood veneered furniture, ju wood, oak and other precious two sub-companies named seaport, regardless of what is man-made board base material, if the exquisite craft, the coating is decorous, homespun values. Because these two sub-companies named seaport are imported materials, the market price in hundreds of yuan a square meter, and the supply of goods is not abundant, so stick a face with precious two sub-companies named seaport is furniture grade one of the ways.

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