High and low back sofa choice have tips

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

sofa is a lot of families necessary furniture products, how to choose appropriate height of sofa, comfortable caused to the health of family members. Sofa height from the ground to the top of the sofa is sofa and the largest distance, and generally high is the same concept, and refers to the high ground to the seating chart below.

the sofa that sells on the market generally have low back sofa, tall back sofa, and between the former two common sofa 3 kinds. The following characteristic of three kinds of sofa, for consumers to choose to buy.

low back sofa: rest belongs to the type of portable chair. It a point to bear the user the waist ( Lumbar spine) This kind of sofa backrest height is low, about 370 mm general distance seat surface, the Angle of the back of a chair is smaller, the size of sofa periphery Narrows accordingly. Is not only beneficial to rest, and moved more convenient, lightweight, cover an area of an area small.

tall back sofa: also called air chair. It is characterized by three fulcrum, make the person's waist, shoulder, back at the same time on the surface on the back of a chair. These three points in space does not form a straight line, thus making this kind of sofa technology demand is higher, difficulty chooses when buying bigger also. Making tall back sofa is worn, must be made at 3 o 'clock explicitly on frame, of twist surface, otherwise, when undertaking sofa covers the process such as difficult to ensure that the location of the strong point, bring discomfort to the user. Tall back sofa of choose and buy should pay attention to it on the back of the three support structure is reasonable, is in order, by trying to decide. Evolve from deck chair and tall back sofa is become. Rest in order to improve performance, but also deserve to be a footstool, placed before sofa, its height is same with the front of the sofa seat face high.

common sofa: is a common in families with sofa. More on the market for this kind of sofa. It has two strong point bear the lumbar that holds the user, thoracic vertebra, can achieve the result that cooperates curved surface with body back photograph. Such on the surface of the back of a chair and a sofa is critical Angle, Angle is too big or too small will cause the user of the abdominal muscles strong, get tired. Also, the width of sofa seat surface also shoulds not be too large, usually in accordance with the requirements of standard in 540 mm.

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