Healthy children furniture of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-02

as the two-child policy implementation step by step, many families more than a child, it is necessary to acquire the safety of furniture for children, how to choose healthy children furniture became parents headache.

everybody the attention formaldehyde exceeds bid whether be toxic, paint coating, when the choose and buy can look at the merchant's quality inspection report. Confusingly, healthy children furniture national standards implementation in recent five years, some important safety standard is still difficult to carry out. The reason is that there is no clear responsibility, should build modern quality supervision system, and should, in common.

brand is a kind of credit, but want to buy healthy children furniture, not superstition big brand. From past years selectives examination found that circulation field found unqualified rate is higher than production areas, do not rule out some black factory fake others brand production sales; Does not rule out a formal enterprise when sampling qualified, stole the unqualified products sold to the market.

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