Have to care about when buying a sofa sofa stuffing

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-28

when consumers in the choose and buy of furniture.com/classic-sofa' target='_blank'>sofa, usually only focus on their favorite style and color, and ignore the inner quality of the sofa. In fact the sofa is beautiful, but the choice of the material is the connotation of beauty. It's not difficult to pick a good sofa, have a good filling material support, no matter what how you lay pressure, is comfortable feeling.

emperor furniture according to the personage inside course of study introduces, padding there are many kinds of sofa, high rebound sponge is one of them. It is a kind of activity, etc as the main body of the generated polyester sponge, is characterized by excellent mechanical functions, good flexibility, high compression load, flame resistance, good permeability; Disorderly hole sponge is similar with a kind of natural algae of inner diameter sizes of sponge, is characterized by good elasticity, compression resilience has excellent buffer; Some sofa is with feather as filler, it is the most distinguishing feature of green, environmental protection, health, at the same time also has the characteristics of lightweight, good permeability, warmth retention property is strong. In addition to the traditional padding, American BERKLINE function sofa has used the poly imide ester this new material as a filler, density and excellent permeability, environmental protection and not easy to deformation compared with ordinary sponge. No matter how pressure, rely on, milk, it can rebound quickly after release the pressure, even if used for a long time can also keep a good shape.

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