Guangzhou hotel furniture custom pay attention to what?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-25
Hotel furniture customization is a big project, the project the rigour of determines the hotel furniture eventually finished products. Hotel furniture never symbolic, but practical. Guangzhou hotel furniture custom pay attention to what? A, attaches great importance to the project design in practice in the whole process of furniture customization, met a lot of customers, therefore, caocao plan is determined, the results in the final installation process, find all sorts of unsatisfactory areas, but the direct result of reckless bear many is to themselves. Therefore, in the process of hotel restaurant furniture custom-made, must be the unique object design as a top priority. To the requirement of indoor space actually do the adjustment of relative to profit maximization application interior space effectively. 2, attaches great importance to the application of rationalization of hotel furniture furniture, we must give full consideration to support, good, beautiful and easy, can not be directly highlights individuation, should pay attention to the rationalization. Press must to custom-made furniture is attributable to the hotel, many people take the furniture according to the design of the Internet, but on the actual hotel restaurant interior space looks very congested. This is caused by a lack of customer technical professional and overly confident. Actually is completely not necessary, a lot of hotel furniture manufacturers the vigor of put more money into commodity product research and development, and for each customer configuration professional hotel furniture interior designer, completely can according to their own must be designed to produce more effective, more suitable hotel furniture products. Three, to prevent the problem of redundant wasteful actually have some eye to treat the syndrome differentiation, custom is able to in a big hotel restaurant furniture level than save interior space purpose, but it is not done, there is always a higher utilization rate, many redundant area, can thoroughly without furniture to add charge, it not only increased the cost of furniture, also increased the difficulty of installing coefficient, and later in the application process, not necessarily available, region, is bound to extravagance and waste, it is best not to as well. Four, exterior quality appearance quality first quality furniture ambry mesa leveling, meticulous, decoration design, meticulous, texture clear, beautiful and easy. Hotel guest room furniture generally use plywood, medium density board, wood board, laminated board categories as plate, such as application of two sub-companies named seaport, double plate, wood plywood as covering the surface of raw materials. The board that is not the same and wrapping material characteristics are also different, its raw material is not pay attention to the characteristics of plastic and appropriate instructions, often can cause parts increases. More than five, tectonic compressive strength of the hotel guest room furniture see fixed furniture, tectonic plate type, usually adopt wood screw, hardware fittings connection as closely connection methods and adhesives. Table and eat chair should pay attention to when used raw materials of different raw material characteristics, such as plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF) wear resistance is weak, not often theme activities in need or position must be extremely strong wear resistance, such as door hinge screw position, smoke rail bottom rail screw location, very easy to loose caused by noise. Bed screen, frame wall hardware accessories position should note or substitute timber structure reinforcement, building (45 degrees of upside-down structure at this stage. Six, deliver, and install the hotel buildings are usually higher, furniture is very light for shipping. In particular the jumpsuits bed back, some extended table, elevator capsules can not transport, cargo elevators are usually installed in furniture already removed, how to transportation safety, from raw materials and structure need to be especially considering the net. Seven, the safety coefficient of hotel restaurants usually not establish the requirement of indoor formaldehyde mineral acid, but the condition of the furniture in the hotel fire safety regulations allow some position can be used under fire sheet iron paint, flame retardant cloth, etc. High-end hotel restaurants and making furniture wood after fire safety solutions. Above this level should be fully considered in actually using the elements of a job application, the role of hotel furniture modelling design key points and hotel furniture enterprise effective distribution of raw material structure and the production workshop process have complementarity, the cupboard door open after the nose to smell, if the blunt nose, eyes, tears, shows that the adhesive formaldehyde concentration is too high, will harm to the body.
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