Green office furniture how to choose

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-13

environmental protection furniture is more and more get the attention of the consumers, the modern office furniture also is so, so many businessmen in green office furniture slogans to promote their own office furniture products, many manufacturers don't know where to get the certificate of green environmental protection to attract the attention of consumers, but authorities analysis, a lot of office furniture is not reached the standard of environmental protection, so how to choose the green office furniture?

1, normal manufacturer, a good product manufacturers can't is not regular manufacturers, the quality is the ability to decide, so want to find have the qualifications, the merchants of fixed office space;

2. If the price is right, you can personally visit to the showroom or factory, can't be fooled by some online comments, saw is not necessarily true, but not even the true and false have a heart end, buy also not rest assured;

3, if the design or engineering company want to buy furniture, to confirm whether the company has a successful case, the company has its own engineering case, unless the new company has just set up soon, so understand the project case of merchants to provide authenticity, visiting maybe not necessary, but you can make a phone call to ask the vendor's project customers.

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