'Green' has become a commonly used furniture stores

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

environmental protection has become one of the consumers to purchase goods first consideration, regardless of the food, or articles for daily use, environmental protection, health, security has dominated the consumer shopping concept, and consumers buy furniture is more focused on formaldehyde content, heavy metal content and so on, there is no doubt that this also became a magic weapon of merchants to sell.

in Monday morning, 24, emperor furniture colleague specially visit each big furniture stores, furniture stores is nothing new. From fukuda a furniture stores began to research, when they enter the store sales staff began and we sell the products to, starting from the material and we talk about, when we asked about ring not environmental protection, staff said: reel that you can stay assured that our products are environmental protection authentication, from heavy metal to formaldehyde, our goods are completely no problem, we buy is the most environmentally friendly furniture. 。 。 。 ;

then, colleagues and visit several brand furniture store, the description of the most similar to the former, many goods with formaldehyde to release a quantity to a minimum, harmless, environmental protection slogans such as, what's more, some of the furniture store, with slogans such as zero formaldehyde, heavy metal content.

in the visit a lot of stores, found that some children furniture formaldehyde and heavy metal content is in accordance with the standards of the new system before implementation. Although colorful, but it may be said middle poison, so when consumer is bought to see clearly, don't believe for a word from the clerk.

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