Green environmental protection of affordable housing

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

affordable housing, has long been a topic of concern, is also a green environmental protection. So, all countries especially developed countries, it is how to do will be green environmental protection and the combination of affordable housing?

about green housing, in fact, developed countries have to design their own green building evaluation index system. Different countries on the definition of green community and understand the differences, the formation of the evaluation index system are also different, however, the established communities and green building assessment systems have similarities: they all have the characteristics of system science and detailed, covering both wide social economy, the living environment, construction sites, and other various aspects. But as a result of housing investment, location, and check in the crowd, the affordable housing in the green community construction than public buildings and some commercial housing development lag slightly, at the beginning of the 21st century, green housing community in the developed countries began to large scale formation.

green housing abroad, has been paying attention to the overall design of room, though, and design features of residential unit, has developed into a strong form of social housing. In the practice of green housing, whether living form or residential energy-saving system have made beneficial exploration, opens up a unique way. The focus on green housing living environment starts with the affordable housing accumulation of quality of life. In the 1980 s, by investigating some British academics has revealed the relation of living conditions and residents health of body and mind, believe the affordable housing residential building density, live in crowded, narrow space, poor air quality, monitoring blind Angle, the resulting high crime rate, the resident prevalence and community retardation children, adult depression. In view of the housing room living environment, the British government introduced the working class housing act, to take measures for government intervention, the charity fund, etc, to standardize the affordable housing community building density, improve the living quality, to reduce the crime rate, to ensure that the residents health.

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