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by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-07
A circular session area, brand solid wood furniture can make a sitting room ( Decorate rendering) Being intimate rich the milk of human kindness. Bright orange and yellow, and neutral decorative accessories, these details ornament, let narrow space appear natural and orderly. A hardwood floor, Decorate rendering) , a cozy fireplace ( Decorate rendering) , coupled with the green and white classical collocation, this is a standard fashion family decorate plan. Of course, you also can be flexible enough to put some of your favorite fashion elements. Some clean, clear lines of item can be placed in. Brand home solid wood bedroom furniture with addition to the sitting room to pick the complete for household in popular adornment on the list, the emergence of blue and brown is always in pairs, but you must find your taste. If you like the color is a little bit, you can try to cream coffee and French blue, match the furniture of the traditional point at the same time, setting wall and cushion for leaning on and the like, for example, these cheap things can easily change and the trend of the decoration. Pink is the sense that gives a person is too pink, it is not easy to match. Dark brown furniture can actually good is blended in among them, but the line of furniture must be concise, otherwise, can let a sitting room appear too complex. Some of the furniture line has distinguishing feature very much, for such furniture, should choose can matched with the color photograph of other furniture. Put a box into a coffee table, so that the design is very creative and the wall of the lemon strawberry color of furniture, such collocation is look fresh and attractive! Resplendent and magnificent feeling a lot of people like, but too many metal color can affect the room feel instead. Main body colour choose monochrome, and on the edge of furniture to use golden edge, and the curtain of metallic ( Decorate rendering) Can make a sitting room ( Decorate rendering) Luxury and attractive. Lighting is an important part of modern domestic decoration, by the light of the lamp by the combined use of color, shape and more lamp can foil bedroom atmosphere, for the bedroom. Therefore, choose a suitable lamp is an integral part of the build perfect household space. Brand home solid wood bedroom furniture with addition to the sitting room and bedroom of lamps and lanterns select the complete family for household commonly used lamps and lanterns, according to the function and layout can be divided into droplight, table lamp, absorb dome light, the light, shoot the light, such as several types. When choosing we can from the following several aspects: first, according to the need to purchase the sitting room is the place that treats people entertain, request to build a kind of warm warm atmosphere, so a sitting room to choose the droplight with bright grave, or absorb dome light is advisable. If the room is taller, appropriate USES incandescent pendent lamp or a larger round droplight, which can make the sitting room appears fully, but not with all down the droplight of light distribution, and should make the upper space also has a certain brightness, with narrow fluctuation space brightness difference. The modelling of lamps and lanterns and colour should be coordinated with the furniture of the sitting room. Study illume should be bright and soft as the principle, choose the table lamp of incandescent bulbs are more appropriate. lamp should adapt to the nature of work and need to learn, appropriate chooses with reflector, the lower opening point-blank lamp, light source, commonly used incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp. Bedroom available several light mix, the lamps and lanterns of downy, adornment sex is strong can foil bedroom more cozy and elegant atmosphere. The dining room table need is warm and bright effect, therefore, appropriate chooses the lamps and lanterns of direct illuminate down, the position of lamps and lanterns is in commonly mensal upper part. The table near the wall can be properly configured warm color wall lamp, this will make it more warm atmosphere for dinner guests. Brand home solid wood bedroom furniture with grace for household lamps and lanterns select the complete kitchen, bathroom and corridor generally use absorb dome light, because these places need the brightness of the lighting is not big, and the water vapor, dust, absorb dome light is easy to clean, and protect the bulbs. Scrubbing the kitchen lamps and lanterns to facilitate, corrosion resistance. Toilet should be used with moistureproof and not easy to rust the function of the lamps and lanterns. Second, safety first look at the quality when choosing lamps and lanterns, check whether the warranty, certification is complete. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, but it's too cheap must be bad. A lot of cheap lamp quality closes nevertheless, often hidden trouble, in the event of fire, consequence is unimaginable. So how to safety of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy related tags: brand solid wood furniture
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