Good office furniture to office efficiency effectively

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-28
Office furniture for office is essential, for the office environment is the beginning of the office, no office furniture, office and office are unable to proceed normally. So, good office furniture to office efficiency effectively. 1, material to environmental protection for office workers, most of the time is spent in the office, so when choosing application products, be sure to watch for insulating material stays, it is not easy to cause bad effects to psychosomatic, when buy, can provide the related provision stores product quality inspection report, to ensure that the purchase of office furniture is a healthy environmental protection. 2, can't smell stimulation, in general, green environmental protection product is can't find the smell, so when buy, why don't you smell it attentively, see if it has a pungent odor, general pungent odour is heavier, formaldehyde concentration, the higher the natural some office furniture even taste value, material still not pass, so before buying, be sure to provisions of office furniture manufacturers to provide the relevant environmental protection certification. 3, the paint will be clean when buy, why not use hand to touch the product surface, see if it is bright and clean, if knit, it indicates a surface layer of fade, in addition, when buy also want to ensure that the product enough leveling legs, according to shake to test, if there was a noise, suggests that this kind of office furniture may not be strong. 4, check product moisture content is known to all, the moisture content of wood products and manufacturing has a direct relationship of origin, so when buy, it is best to choose the product with high drying process, or if the moisture content is higher than the application region of average moisture content 1% the left and right sides, cracks, deformation, appear easily loose, increases, etc.
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