Glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture maintenance matters needing attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-21

we know modern furniture, in addition to leather, cloth, wooden furniture, there are a lot of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, they tend to appearance fashion, colorful, with designers. Glass fiber reinforced plastic have burnish, feel is good, big rigidity, long service life, corrosion resistance, resistance to hot and humid, mould proof, but the usual maintenance is also very main. Here and everybody said several FRP furniture maintenance matters needing attention.

a, avoid direct sunlight and close to the stove and the radiator. Breaks are available such as soldering iron very hot after the soft glue, also can use banana oil and melted PVC dissolved into glue.

2, to avoid knock against scratches and point hard objects. If there is any crack patched by the method of hot melt are available, and there is no glue stick.

three, can't use metal brush cleaning, general scour catharsis. Frequently wash, sunscreen can stick to fresh for a long time.

4, inside the glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture put a small amount of Chinese prickly ash, camphor, can prevent avoid mice, insects out.

spots, timely to wipe with wet cloth, and then polishing wax. Every few years to brush a layer of varnish, experience is long cover is new.

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