German hotel furniture development briefly

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-01

the end of the 19th century, Germany's industrial level rapidly caught up with the old capitalist countries such as Britain, France, the largest in Europe first, at the time of Germany is willing to accept new things, hope to become the leader of the industrial age. Due to the development of industry, increasing the social needs, to provide a lot of furniture for ordinary people, the first thing to do to accept use mechanized production of hotel furniture this step. The need for manufacturing furniture woodworking machinery and furniture production equipment, the German furniture woodworking machinery for its own furniture or other countries of the furniture enterprise is huge due to the popularity of mechanization production, led to all the design must be for their services. Germany's design is more of a physical relationship with people ( Such as size, the rationality of the modulus, etc. ) , so, the German furniture design is highly

rational, calm, so sometimes the lack of considering the design and the relationship between psychological. In 1967, Gunter Floris beltzig design & # 39; 孩子的 S chair, its organic form accord with human body curve, such as the 'wings' of the chair for the neck as well as the growth of children in the back for additional support, the Angle of the three chair leg makes the chair has good stability and its scientific and rational design fully embodies the principle of human ergonomics, it is because it is made of German furniture world hegemony.

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