Furniture to buy common sense: pay attention to the unity of the style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

furniture decoration, more creative personality, more comfortable, more colorful, tactility is bedroom uniform for the three points. Some people don't pay attention to furniture unified art style and the overall mean make room neither fish nor fowl. So the furniture of choose and buy of line, shape, color, composition and handle, foot shape and are subject to the uniform of the lasting appeal.

to suit the environmental conditions

is suitable to produce beauty. If put annatto square table of carve patterns or designs on woodwork in the bright small apartment, do not match. Now new residential common feature is the space is little, daylighting is good, so the appropriate furniture lines and lively, modelling concise and easy, colour and indoor wall tonal harmony. Contrast strongly, result in visual clutter, make the space appears crowded, besides appearance to minimize various decoration, strive for more use of height.

natural aesthetic. Beauty is changing with time, in a fast rhythm changes, try to be simple and lightweight furniture design, line is concise and easy, tonal quietly elegant with more suitable for mass production.

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