Furniture store daily management

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

modern furniture chain-like alliance: furniture store daily management. For a furniture store and the daily management work is very complex, want to ensure smooth operation of storefront, managers need to improve the focus on the following problem.

the price management

furniture is not necessaries of life, for the majority of consumers, the price is very sensitive, coupled with the current furniture retail market competition heats up, so the price will be very good management: to formulate a reasonable price level; Week week has a special offer.

personnel management

management is the core issue of people, different people will make different results, this is a known point.

1, first of all, the assistant of the spirit is good, have the temperament and affinity, to make the customers have a sense of trust; This is the beginning of sales work.

2, the number of personnel configuration should be reasonable.

3, the necessary training to employees.

4, love products, do the customer's staff. Good at capturing the customer psychology, reassure customers concerns: in the sales process, be good at capturing customer psychology, and dispel the customer concerns.

show management

to keep clean and tidy, health, thoroughly prepared to show sorting, reorganization, cleaning, clean; Work. Light wants bright, always keep a magnificent light bright, don't meet no one, go out the light, to save electricity. Electricity is saved, but the business is lost, imagine a busy profusion of stores and a quiet insipid stores, which is attractive to consumers? Conformity of consumers purchasing psychology determines the nobody wants to go shopping to a cold store. Warehouse management

number of goods: upper and lower bounds to keep reasonable inventory, inventory is too much, have a backlog of danger, the inventory is too little, there are out of stock losses, be sure to keep a reasonable inventory quantity. Correct stacked: furniture is afraid of wet, so be sure to do a good job, moisture-proof and pay attention to prevent pressure, so as to avoid damage of panel, glass, etc. Promotion work

board type furniture has heated up and retail competition, no longer willing, make all kinds of programmes, promotion tool chain is franchise store manufacturing performance; Promotional activities on the performance of ascension has an immediate effect, so the chain through various activities inside and outside the store atmosphere lively.

store management work is very emphasis on details, sometimes in some sensitive issues, managers must be vigilant, try to improve the management level of the store.

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