Furniture small problems themselves

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-04

general furniture is more durable, as long as they do not damage people, basically can be used for many years. But if in a long time, will inevitably be more or less a few small problems; If at this time because of a little scratched or damaged in new furniture and uneconomic, had spent a lot of money when the purchase xi, please master maintenance should be at least more than one hundred yuan or more, so for a few small problems, we can try to diy a trim:

1, metal furniture, derusting, can dip in with cotton gauze wipe a little sewing machine oil will rust stain, then use 1 fine water sand paper erasure rust, chip with gauze will rust wipe clean, and then to 2:3 ratio will paint with turpentine, evenly in the rust.

2 derusting, electroplating furniture, can put small bowl soaking derusting containing oil; Bulk available brush or cotton dips in oil apply rust, wipe again after a short back and forth, can remove the rust.

3, QiZe dim, the recovery of wood furniture paint gloss has two ways: one is add 1/4 cup of vinegar with half a cup of water, dip in with soft cloth to wipe; The second is a soft cloth soaked in alcohol or toilet water, tea gently dry, wipe the floor wax again.

4, cracks, holes of table, chair, ark repair method of cracks, holes, one is to put the old books to cut into crumbs, add right amount of alum and clear water into a paste and stuffing. 2 it is mixed with sawdust with 1:1 white glue evenly, embedded cracks, with sand after a day and night, both convenient and economic.

5, the hinge is loose, preferable a fine timber, such as chopsticks sharpened coated with white glue plug in wood screw hole hammer, hammer broken wood, then wood screws to precession, then tighten.

6, how to make furniture with ash, the antistatic function of woolen sweater detergent add a few drops in the water dilution, and then use the water to wipe furniture, can maintain four or five days not touch ash.

8 'tickle' sound opportunely, and for the wood floor, wood floor cracks, the walk will 'tickle' tickle 'noise'. Recommend some talcum powder with coloring material, and then into the loose floor, cracks or noise disappears.

9, furniture accidentally touch the stain, above the dirty bit on furniture paint is also very trouble, but as long as the use of wax water cloth can erase, or with steel ball dipped in wax oil is wiped.

10, the furniture on the surface of the paint peeling, varnish furniture surface have small pieces after the paint peeling, can take the same color in advertising paint, reoccupy varnish coating on the surface, the intact.

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