Furniture should not only practical and safe

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

furniture not only practical but want to be safe, furniture is our essential to daily life and social activities appliances, one of the health of body and the future life for people daily life bring convenience. With the development of economy, the innovation of The Times, now modern furniture category is various, different materials, quality is uneven. So small make up today to discuss with everybody when furniture of choose and buy what to pay attention to.

furniture factory, according to the statistical data when furniture of choose and buy, including 42. 25% of Internet users the most pays attention to furniture design is reasonable, the presence of potential safety hazard, 35. 61% of Internet users the most attention to the price of the furniture, as well as the product price, and 22. 14% of Internet users are concerned about the materials used in the furniture is environmental protection.

in general, people when furniture of choose and buy of the first details to take care of old people and children at home. Check the appearance of the furniture such as: whether easy to cause harm to children's sharp objects, prominence, and children can clamp the finger holes and gaps, etc. ; Furniture for children under the age of three, shake handshandle, plug, small wooden pin, wheel, etc. Parts should be firm cannot be easily disassembled. Can also check furniture material structure: in furniture height of 1. Under 6 m part, should not be used, such as glass, brittle dangerous materials; All tables and highly 60 cm high cabinet products, should be fixed on the wall or the ground; For castor products such as baby bed, should have at least 2 caster wheel can be locked or 2 caster wheel weight from foot to foot.

followed by the beautiful and comfortable outside can provide enough to receive a space. To fully consider the rationality of the design of furniture, make scientific support, and can give the body ( On the modern furniture is do better) , especially for the safety of children furniture, consumers in addition to let vendors provide relevant test report, whether also can preliminary judgment on their own product safety.

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