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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-04

material has a lot of furniture, such as the northeast China ash, ju wood, Chinese catalpa wood, oak, elm, etc. These shortcomings and advantages of each have each lumber itself. There are a lot of wood I believe you have heard at ordinary times, or are with these furniture made of wood. Then today hotel furniture factory said small charged for first one: ju wood.

elm tree species of genus ju wood, alias ju yu or English elm.

the main characteristic of ju wood is heavy, strong, impact resistant, easy to bend, under steam can make modelling, nail sexual performance is good, but easy to crack. Wood texture clear, uniform texture, color soft, smooth. Heavier than most hardwoods, prone to crack during kiln drying and processing.

is called ju wood 'declining aristocracy', after a is due to the beech, represented by chrysanthemum pear annatto furniture began to occupy the high-end market; 2 it is because of the characteristic of the ju wood itself has the temperament of 'aristocratic' wood. Although ju wood is not named 'hardwood' list, but the hardness are higher than the average wood, woodiness is relatively heavy, it is also a beech an expression of the gentry.

in addition, ju wood, have special as overlapping waves pointed 'pagoda grain'. When wood grain beautiful enough, can even compare with dramatic chicken wings wood texture. Ju wood in the top grade 'blood ju', for example, with similar yellow chrysanthemum pear, both ornamental and practical, is not weak.

ju wood furniture faults:

a, domestic ju wood woodiness is loose, weight is light, wood grain is not obvious, the organization construction spot more and have off color, abroad is different, such as the quality is excellent, so to get good ju wood furniture, the price will be more expensive.

2, processing when prone to crack on the production of finished products, easy to deformation;

3, beech tree, the tree's color and density is different, at the time of making furniture color is easy to have difference,

due to materials, combined with 'bright', ju wood become the focus of the original furniture material object. Just was aloes material such as chrysanthemum pear, rosewood furniture took the scenery. With chrysanthemum pear raw material shortage, ju wood furniture to stage a comeback, becoming the best alternative chrysanthemum pear wood. Ju wood furniture both Ming and qing style, this and other material with only one of the characteristics of different. Ju wood furniture and furniture of chrysanthemum pear in the same shape and workmanship, artistic and historical value is very high.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody for ju wood has had certain understanding and grasp some knowledge of the

small make up recommend here in choosing a hotel furniture, choose some big brand hotel furniture, because of big brand hotel furniture is more reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, will help you understand that the advantages and disadvantages of beech.

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