Furniture of different material different maintenance methods

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

recently, the national large-scale cooling sharply, in addition to the bitter wind, accompanied by drizzle, indoor temperature, humidity change is bigger, also should pay more attention to clean and the furniture in the home at this time. The furniture of different material have different way of cleaning and maintenance, to introduce below, leather furniture, cloth art furniture, solid wood furniture, the furniture of different material such as stainless steel furniture and plastic furniture cleaning and maintenance methods focus?

common house with leather furniture, cloth art furniture, stainless steel furniture, solid wood furniture. In general, the above four kinds of material of furniture during maintenance to avoid direct sunlight. , leather furniture must especially pay attention to maintenance regularly, cloth art furniture is mainly dust removal tools and methods, stainless steel furniture store should stay away from will react with metal liquid, it is important to pay special attention to the storage temperature and humidity of solid wood furniture. In a word, furniture maintenance, prevention first. In daily life should keep indoor and ventilated, reduce mold growth.

in addition, there is famous for its lightweight material benefit of plastic furniture. Compared with other materials of furniture, plastic furniture is in the ordinary people use frequency is highest, it was very good. Not easy to cause mildew spot, and convenient cleaning. The only thing to note is, don't exposure. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can make plastic modified crisp, if placed plastic furniture in the sun for a long time can make the yellow white plastic furniture, local fade dark plastic furniture, so should avoid direct sunlight for long, plastic furniture is far away from the fire, in case of plastic fading, dry, loose deformation, bending, cracking, and release.

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