Furniture moistureproof anti-mold desiccant can use these methods

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-04

furniture moistureproof anti-mold desiccant, usually need to do in rainy weather, otherwise a lot of furniture can appear some mildew stains, deformity of what, also is not only the appearance not good-looking, seriously affect the service life is, how the furniture moistureproof mildew, believes that many friends have asked this question, everyone is the same whether the treatment? Processing methods for different materials, different parts of the furniture are vary, the following is to introduce the different furniture, different regional moistureproof mildew and dehumidification methods, you can consult.

1, mold like warm moist environment, in the spring of the rise of temperature, humidity, provide a favorable environment for the mould develop. In the rainy day, 'back to south day' closed doors and Windows, warm moist air from the outside world, is able to reduce to a certain extent the ground and wall 'water' phenomenon, keep dry in the home can reduce mold growth.

2, spread the newspaper, in the home to have a friend waste newspapers, can be on the ground and the table separation on newspapers to absorb moisture, so do not to waste utilization, also can reach the dehumidifying effect, is kill two birds with one stone.

3, if the furniture has been moldy phenomenon, alcohol or detergent can be used to wipe, it can effectively get rid of the mildew spot has been formed. But pay attention to the need to wear plastic gloves when cleaning, cut the cleaning process as far as possible let the infant touch, lest cause damage.

4, add salt to mop the floor with hot water, moist climate, but in the home is too dirty, facing the wet floor, want to drag a, all the earth do not know how to start. It doesn't matter, small make up a small notice you good method, not only clean clean, also won't make the floor is wet a little. The good way is to use hot water to add salt to mop the floor, doing this can be useful to speed up the evaporation, and after drag ground, can be at home on the shop some waste carton or newspaper, in order to reduce the soles put moisture into the home.

5, dry chili, firecrackers, brazier, traditional folk has moistureproof, one kind is to place the dry chili, can absorb moisture, but often should change new dry chili; Another kind is placed quality reliable firecrackers, because firecrackers with sulfur, not only can dehumidification deinsectization. But experts suggest, 'earth' although effect is good, but the safety problems such as fireworks, be careful citizens is still in the application. In addition, still can be in the room on a pot of burning stove for progress indoor temperature, condensation of water vapor can't, then reduce indoor humidity.

6, air conditioning dehumidification: home use air conditioning system generally has dehumidification function, however, this kind of air-conditioning system is used to adjust the indoor humidity of the air way work slower, generally need two to three hours. If it rains outside, indoor and open air conditioning, make indoor temperature is more cold.

7, candles, the candle is not only used for lighting, and dehumidification. Candles makes a condensation of water vapor can't, then to reduce indoor humidity. If now appear mildew in the home, can choose contain natural plant essential oil candle aromatherapy, like a candle, both to dry air, and can remove the mouldy in the room.

8, lime absorption of moisture, toilets and bath is the zone of heaviest 'moisture', in both the local, can use cloth wrapped quicklime moisture absorption. Besides using lime absorption of moisture, small make up also want to inform us, in fact detergent also can absorption of moisture, prick a few holes in the washing powder bag, corner in a bathhouse, this also can have the effect of the desiccant.

9, bamboo charcoal dehumidification: bamboo charcoal can be repeatedly used, but the weight must be more, effect is significant. Some people try to use small cloth bags for a moderate amount of lime, it has moisture absorption function, every corner in indoor, can also slow down the indoor humidity conditions; Lime and disinfection effect, kill two birds with one stone.

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