Furniture maintenance instruction cannot little

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-05

furniture maintenance instruction cannot little. A lot of consumer is when furniture of choose and buy, only consider the style of furniture, material quality, comfort, price, etc. , but more important, such as formaldehyde content, consumers said, can only follow. Because many consumers are not pay attention to when buy furniture manual, so in the later use to maintain clean, do not comply with the furniture's instructions to consumers also then. The resulting damaged furniture, also pay by consumers. And although some merchants take out the furniture specification, but the specifications on the performance of the furniture, materials and specifications, did not elaborate on the specific issues such as no harmful substances control indicators and other relevant information on the manual, and manual is product publicity page. Jas emperor warm prompt: mandatory sales furniture must along with product specification, is not to teach consumers how to use the furniture, more important is it to furniture should use material, coating contains harmful substances or radioactive substances, such as control index are given. When consumer is buying furniture, should pay attention to make sure to ask for 'furniture operation instruction handbook', because once encounter problems, will be a powerful rights certificate. Also not credulous business brochure, because it does not replace manual legal status. When buying furniture, must pay attention to the instructions on whether to have the serial number of product standards, when problem of product occurrence quality, if the information does not accord with the actual specifications, can be used as evidence to protect their rights. When consumer is buying, should ask for the manufacturer to produce furniture instruction for use, to the best local famous furniture market for the furniture quality guaranteed, avoid injury. 。

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