Furniture maintain a few misconceptions

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

furniture maintenance is each family member should know some knowledge, only cherish and care for every family furniture, furniture can be used for a long time, to introduce the below furniture maintain some of the pitfalls.

1, don't use protective wax to nursing leather furniture, this also mentioned before, it is just because of the protective wax can lead to produce leather furniture clogged pores, so that the furniture ageing, shorten service life.

2. Do not use burlap or with the comparison of the old cloth to clean furniture, because they are prone to scratching by furniture, damage to the furniture.

3, don't use soap water, detergent or water cleaning the furniture, because these chemicals for some furniture can produce corrosion, resulting in furniture lose luster.

4, don't take the furniture into the sunlight, a lot of people want to go for furniture tide, will bring furniture to outside air is basked in, this will make furniture brittle, dryness and deformation.
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