Furniture made of different materials on how to spend the summer?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-13

as temperatures rise gradually, and don't forget the maintenance of furniture, they also need to care. In this hot season, learn the maintenance skills, make them hot summer weather. So, no matter you are in what kind of material of the furniture, will affect its, so, after use, should how to protect?

the summer maintenance of solid wood furniture, still want to keep moisture, not directly use wet dishcloth of solid wood furniture, cleaning of solid wood furniture can use special cleaner brush paint furniture surface, at the same time, can wipe clean cloth. So that we can maintain a solid wood furniture surface gloss, still can rise to moistureproof, keep real wood kind of furniture is not out of shape.

1, the real wood. Walk into any one in the bedroom, there will always be the form of solid wood, or the real wood floor, the door, the eat table and chair, etc. , so for this kind of material, maintenance tips are still waiting for you to get here. Was elected as the ground of laid of real wood floor, in the hot and dry season or rainy season, avoid using a wet mop for cleaning, if damp phenomenon occurring in the home, need to use dry cloth to wipe, avoid because of be affected with damp be affected with damp and cause deformation. If the door is, remember to keep the habit of close the door after. Furniture, such as maintenance of a dedicated wax evenly on the surface, moistureproof.

2, cortex. The characteristic of leather furniture is elegant, put in the sitting room or bedroom, can give people the feeling of luxury. So for it, what is its maintenance skills? The first point is the need to pay attention to light on the damage of household, if long time exposure to the sun, will cause the cortex fade even cracking, so when the light is too strong, can take the curtains in the bedroom, blocking its into;

3, cloth art. Cloth art furniture is common in our daily life, whether it be a sofa or a hammock, because this material is relatively more durable. In normal use, if touch dirt, only need to gently pat or vacuum adsorption on the surface of the foreign body; There is a kind of situation is accidentally knocked beverages to shed, should be how to deal with? Can take napkins to absorb water first, and then will be neutral detergent into the warm water, with a soft cloth to wipe, the low temperature drying.

when caught in a sofa or bed sweat, will not only corrosion of the surface at the same time also will become 'greenhouse' of bacterial growth, the longer it is easy to cause harm to human body health. In wet weather, can on the sofa with the function of absorbing water sofa cover, avoid direct contact with human skin; If direct use, often need to wipe, prevent bacteria growth. On a regular basis and then the bedroom is ventilated, dry condition.

4, metal. Metal material relative to the above, it is the most afraid of hot humid weather, because can cause oxidation with moisture in the air, causing rust, and so on and so forth; So he need to use cleaner maintenance regularly, dishcloth; If there have been off paint such as current, need to repair in time, avoid intensified.

summer furniture maintenance note

1, dust, dirt, although we regularly maintain, dirt or residue easily in the summer, such as sweat contact with the surface of the leather sofa, also can produce peculiar smell for a long time, so we can again on the sofa with a piece of sofa cloth isolation.

2, away from the air-conditioning tuyere, it's hot in summer, most of the time, air conditioning is open. Then you should let furniture away from the air-conditioning tuyere, in order to avoid huge temperature difference make wooden furniture craze damage or premature aging.

3, moistureproof, summer moistureproof work also is very important, especially in the rainy south. So in the suit, furniture should appropriate the appearance of 1 cm from the wall.

4, leave gaps with metope, in addition to the high temperature summer heat, humidity or more heavy rain weather, and to prevent the occurrence of all kinds of furniture because of be affected with damp be affected with damp problem at this time. Furniture is put, put in the place that can't direct sunlight as much as possible. At the same time take measures to separate the sun, such as gauze curtains approach, do not affect indoor daylighting, and protect whatever material furniture, indoor furniture to avoid suntan is the first priority, can choose the furniture placement in avoid direct sunlight or buy sunscreen curtain.

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