Furniture is put feng shui considerations

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-03
< / P > < P > a person's life cannot leave the furniture. Furniture is like clothes everywhere with us. According to Buddhism, the furniture belongs to 'according to the newspaper, mean past product work tired, repairing and attached to the us, for our service items. From big category, is a 'blessings. Buddhism think people have a 'karma' and 'blessings',' karma 'refers to is made due to past karma and this life is suffering, while' blessings' refers to the past, they go to the and enjoy happiness in this life, such as the splendid clothes, eat delicious and live comfortable, line works, chariots and horses, etc. , used in the real life of furniture in the category of 'blessings', in this sense, we use the furniture, is actually enjoying' blessings'. < / P > < P > but although these furniture is' blessings - According to the newspaper ', but if you are using is bad, but counterproductive, especially put on the big furniture, there are many more geomantic avoid five lines of appropriate matters need attention. < / P > < P > is a bed in the first place. Bed is the most comfortable furniture people rest sleep, about a third of the time in your life is accompanied with the bed, so also is the leader in all the furniture, bed should enjoy treatment of highest specifications of the family. < / P > < P > in general, the bed should be well placed, do not put in the sitting room, and should be put in the bedroom, this is known to everyone. But also in the bedroom is not random, generally speaking, the head of a bed is best relies on a wall instead of a window, and you'd better perpendicular to the direction of the door and don't parallel to the door, the end of the bed and don't toward the door or the window to the side wall. Don't be beam above the bed pressure bed, unfavorable also has the heavy items such as ceiling fans or big droplight suspension. < / P > < P > if it is a family or two of the three, home is best only a queen-size bed and sleep for husband and wife or lovers, the rest is a small bed, best for children or single old man sleep, it would have been beneficial family stability. Of course, if the parents alive and married children live together, it would need to set up two large bed, if the parents do not live together together, that must not set the two large bed, otherwise you will lovers quarrel, couples scattered. < / P > < P > if the bed put right, room aura is more smooth, also refreshed, otherwise the aura chaos, mood is not good, and bad emotion and health. < / P > < P > followed by the cabinet. Put clothes closet is matched with the bed, is, is also essential. Almirah should be put in the bedroom, had better be to bed face, or on the corner, in the face of the end of the bed, but not to face the bed cupboard with a lens, or the feelings and health may be affected. If it's cabinet that I need in the kitchen. The third is the tables and chairs, including matching chairs of table, table, dresser and so on. Table usually should be put in the sitting room or study, it is best to the side of the table by the window, and back against the wall, chair of course should face the table. Dresser is appropriate in the bedroom, is also a side window back wall, but don't face the implantation dresser with a mirror. < / P > < P > 4 is sofa. Sofa is master instruments of daily life and receive a visitor, of course, should be put in the sitting room. Because the sitting room, the aura flow faster, so you should not put in the sitting room sofa central, most avoid pressure above the bar, it is best to rely on a wall and, in this way can we make the aura and, is conducive to communication. Also advised to match the tea table of founder round, unfavorable belt Angle rush evil spirit sofa. < / P > < P > the fifth is the stove. Cities are now using gas burner, of course, hearth should be located in the kitchen, but put the position is very important. Stoves generally should be near the window, for ventilation and gas, it is not only a safe consideration, is also a feng shui. Put from the direction of the point of view, if there are conditions, it is best to back to the north or back south east west, because the kitchen is true fire sand, while gossip feng shui in this two positions are generally need to sand. And it is a family only set a stove, because kitchen in feng shui and on behalf of the housewife, so if the pendulum is an or many, will affect the family peace and health, some even break up a divorce. Of course, if only the kitchen without stoves, nor fire to cook, it also faces a difficult marriage position and infirm. < / P > < P > without considering horoscope is the premise of ', the big furniture, best can be adjusted according to the above requirements in place, it will helpful for family life and working career, marriage and health as well.
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