Furniture industry analysis

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

home accessories industry, the modern creative furniture in the furniture market in this year's severe still showed no back into the momentum of development. Because act the role ofing is tasted, can decorate household environment is small, the influence of external factors and modern creative furniture for after 80, 90 people, like, for those of us who buy more.

soft furniture and flat last year, a lot of people think that this year's soft furniture is steadily rising, but it is not real, because in the first half of the furniture market, soft furniture and no more than original, and even some companies began to losses, or even closing their doors.

solid wood furniture and other furniture and last year was a downward trend, the furniture of house prices and consumption dependence is larger, the real estate downturn, the global economy is not stable, many furniture companies are losing money.

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