Furniture detection problem

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

with the economic development, the more exposed problems, under the drive of interests, led to the merchant's moral bottom line is more and more low, what kind of cooking oil, steamed buns, harmful toxic milk powder and so on appear on the market, let consumer fears, also showed a large number of the black sheep of the furniture industry, such as false solid wood and false brand, even sell the furniture that is harmful to the body, events of Da Vinci furniture last year didn't let the furniture maker alert, so consumers must pay special attention to when buying furniture.

when consumer is bought must learn to choose furniture, so can largely reduce the pollution of the furniture has a harmful effect on the body, if buy the product, found the smell but not sure whether have pollution cases, can go to the testing agency for testing. However, the general detection method only: sampling inspection, namely damage survey, so the conclusion of national recognition.

as the general consumers to test itself is a big problem, the first is to spend money, the second is the sampling inspection need sampling, furniture hard to avoid can destroyed, there is a problem also can look for businesses in the claim, but that's no problem, you can lose a fee, but it will get peace. So many consumers chose to step back and give up, only a few people consciousness strong people choose detection.

to open the door. Can smell the furniture when buying a product, whether inside the stimulating odour, and then to see furniture environmental protection certification, carefully ask product related information and then to buy, one thousand problems can and businesses through line consultation, let furniture to bear the testing cost, and consumers can sampling in hidden places, and then to test flight.

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