Furniture chain joining should pay attention to

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-02

to furniture market, there are a lot of market segments and developed, especially its franchisees, the development of furniture industry and less mature, many people want to join the furniture factory, only to find that the cost of the furniture itself is too high, so, so the development is not very quickly, to return to the theme, furniture chain joining should pay attention to?

a, want to choose the right product, the product is the ultimate goal to attract customers, a good product can make your shop every day have a stream of people, and too ordinary products will make you a lot more competitors, so choose the right products is the key. Second, should choose to factory, each factory has different joining condition and the culture of its own factories, so should choose the appropriate oneself, let oneself to the development of the manufacturers, like operating high-end furniture to choose the production of good quality, superb production process factory, if you want to low-end products will choose cheaper product. Third, the joining fee, according to the furniture industry, join generally divided into two kinds, the first is the agent, the second is to open a shop. Acting general requirements to enter how many goods every month, only you can sell in this place. The second is to open a shop, what you do not need to sign the contract, is the need to open a shop on their own sales to replenish onr's stock is ok. Fourth, store decoration, store decoration according to his own to join join the product style of furniture chain, shop decoration must have their own style and features.
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