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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

total class furniture is various, each furniture care, today we will introduce several kinds of furniture care, leather furniture, cloth art furniture, wooden furniture is the most common of the furniture industry, let's go into those furniture, furniture care knowledge.

leather furniture care

leather furniture how should nurse? Like Iraq was the surface of the lounge chair with leather, leather care should first to prevent change leather furniture itself good softness and colour and lustre, leather furniture is the place that should not be subjected to direct sunlight. When clean with need clean flannelette to dip in water and gently wipe, wipe with a soft dry cloth. For stubborn oil stains can be or special cleaner is wiped.

cloth art furniture care

is dust cloth art furniture care more difficult, so choose cloth art furniture, want to choose a dustproof, anti-fouling processing of imported material, texture is soft and comfortable, daily nursing with a clean wet towel to wipe gently to remove all the stains. For stubborn stains can send store cleaning, can prevent the deformation, prolong the service life of fabric.

plating and gush arenaceous glass products care

because with glass and stainless steel is often used, so the nursing of two kinds of furniture also speak together, due to the plating surface light, sand and glass products, this kind of furniture just is often with a clean dry cloth or towel to wipe can if brightness is new. For stubborn stains can be sprayed with a small amount of dry can be immediately. Chrome plated products can apply once a month rust-proof oil can prolong service life. In order to avoid long placed in damp and water environment, at the time of removal of glass furniture, metal frame, please seize the furniture as far as possible avoid only seize the vitreous mesa.

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