For our brand solid wood furniture is a kind of environmental protection of elegant furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-01
For our brand solid wood furniture is a kind of environmental protection of elegant furniture. So I simply introduce everyone: we say normally completely real wood furniture wood furniture, solid wood furniture, refers to all the furniture of log or solid wood tooth pick plate production, should not contain any form of density board, etc. And solid wood furniture is solid wood lumber or real wood plank base material, coating on the surface processing of furniture, or in such a substrate using single plate wood real wood veneers, then finishing processing of furniture. Accordingly, real wood furniture USES some plank is allowed by the national standard. 'In recent years, solid wood furniture, with its environmental protection, elegant, durable characteristics such as customers, but also have many consumers reflect, the good and evil people mixed up of solid wood furniture on the market, price six to one, I don't know how to identify it. 'Real wood furniture of environmental protection, practical, able to bear or endure look, now more and more consumers like to buy solid wood furniture, its sales growth speed is faster. 'Some famous furniture brand stores sales staff said,' there are many customers want to buy all solid wood furniture, in particular, some families with children. 'The reporter interviewed a few at random after consumers found that eighty percent of consumers are willing to buy real wood furniture when furniture of choose and buy. So, solid wood furniture and completely real wood furniture is the same thing? 'Has the main components are solid wood furniture industry can be referred to as solid wood furniture. 'Zhongnan construction ( 000961, shares) Design director li told reporters, 'however, this kind of situation since 2009, the new' wood furniture general technical conditions 'after carrying out the difference. 'Wood furniture general technical conditions' of solid wood furniture, man-made board furniture, the integrated wood furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, and wood veneered furniture gives a clear definition. 'What kind of wood wood furniture? Of course is the best annatto. So small make up a simple introduce you to real wood furniture of what is the secret of youth is constant? Brand solid wood furniture simple introduce you: solid wood furniture of natural elegance, of primitive simplicity, massiness is to make people have a special liking. Due to the service life of solid wood furniture can be for decades, so the maintenance is very important work. Balance moisture and temperature of office furniture wood is porous breathing, like a person's skin, solid wood furniture will continue to water exchange with the air in the bedroom. When the dry air, due to the evaporation of moisture, surface will shrink hole, time for a long time there will be a cracking phenomenon. But when the humidity rises, wood and absorb enough moisture and expand, so appropriate adjust temperature and humidity in the home, is an important link in maintenance of solid wood furniture. 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius temperature, relative humidity between 35% and 40%, is the most ideal environment was laid solid wood furniture. In order to maintain appropriate humidity, can properly use a humidifier. In addition, to avoid placing furniture near the source of heat or air conditioning tuyere, because the temperature of severe changes can cause the damage of the furniture and premature aging. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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