Florence, Italy, private apartment design, the use of furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27
Florence is a city of central Italy, the provincial capital of Tuscany, Florence is a very famous art capital of the world, today we look at an Italian fiorentina private apartment design, if you need to decorate a design in the home, perhaps the following pictures can give to you, the use of the furniture inside is in place. The flat by Linee Studio is responsible, the decoration is given priority to with light color, simple furniture, unique ornaments, to present a high-brow art atmosphere here. Above is the fishing lights, high-end, modern leisure sofa, tea table light color carpet constituted a contracted sitting room corner area ( Or you can call the study) 。 With contracted the Barcelona chair to deserve to act the role of, with delicate contracted furniture decoration to create atmosphere and amazing. Pictured above is the area of the restaurant, as the main collocation by ghost chair furniture. Pure white metope, match light herringbone woodiness floor, under the light shading, appear clean and transparent. Dark closet decorate inside light space appear hale and sharp, it should design bump color, make the kitchen is full of simple sense. The design of the bedroom with light brown and black store content ark, builds a quiet. Peaceful sleep space. But put the position of the mirror is a little abrupt, perhaps this is the concept of foreign and domestic thoughts have distinction. Toilet decorate, simple and luxurious. The overall construction pictures.
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