Floor board floor cracking paint layer cracking of maintenance and treatment method

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-07

the floor which is common in various places, also is the main material that decorate, it is indoor decoration is new bestow favor on, usually laid in the sitting room, bedroom and other areas, and use the time is long, always do not pay attention to, as a direct result of the floor appears damaged, cock, then what will the output? How should handle? Daily maintenance is also very important, must pay attention to indoor temperature and humidity, with appropriate is given priority to, do not want to volatility; In addition to these, the floor craze after repair method is also very important. Floor maintenance, also did not think of, as long as reasonable use, can repair the floor is good, the method is as follows:

floor board crack

1, in the presence of in the cracking of floor plate, floor repair is also different, you can use certain mixture was carried out on the floor crack filling, mixture material choice, need to choose according to different wood floor in detail, need it to be a better glue viscosity, and firmly.

2, for larger crack parts, need to contact the relevant manufacturers, to conduct a comprehensive change to the parts of the floor, prevent in use process, cause further damage to the floor.

surface paint layer cracking

1. ) Floor surface lacquer layer cracking appear a lot of families is the case, mainly because of the daily walk, or drag items cause certain damage to the floor surface paint, causing the appearance of the paint has the certain is a small crack, fall off or paint film.

2, can be used to fill paint, waxing process for repair, for paint cracking serious area, can use sand paper in wear position carefully polished, remove residual dirt at the surface, then carries on the film processing, good for repair, and maintenance of the floor.

floor maintenance - - Floor surface wear scratches

1, the real wood floor is in use, easy to scratch, which is the paint layer is destroyed, see first scratch is depth is shallow, and to determine the maintenance method.

2, if the real wood floor surface scratch is not big, lighter, can choose the way of polishing wax treatment, wipe with clean towel finally.

3, also can buy a bottle of floor wax in the market, in the shape of a normally mop wipe; Can also be the floor of a shallow scratches handle; If deeper scratches of real wood floor, need to repair of the solid wax as the filler of the floor, using the complementary color paint tools, and then polished.

floor maintenance - - Floor paint film breakage or thief

1, if there is a floor paint film is damaged or thief, first put a basin of water, will be dissolved, the right amount of soap with 400 waterproof abrasive paper to touch water floor paint film burnish.

2, and then use clean cloth to wipe clean, wait for a floor after natural air, paint film is the complementary color processing, such as the paint is completely dry after appearing, followed by a layer of paint to dry for 24 hours.

3, with sand paper burnish brightness, finally to polishing wax; If construction floor cock, should keep the floor clean at the grassroots level to glue.

floor maintenance - - Floor partial breakage

1, if the floor is local damage, area is not large, some furniture products can be put in the broken floor, to keep out, this would require the integral space layout is reasonable.

2 local breakage, floor area is large, usually can only choose to buying a floor board, laying, especially the aggrandizement floor, once the damage is easy to cause scratches.

floor maintenance - - The arch since the floor cracks

because the floor has a certain moisture content, easy to heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon, easy appear springing in summer, winter easy appear crack, if so, they always need to all pull down the floor, will clean up again at the grass-roots level ground leveling, floor laid again again. If there is a crack, the need for plastic processing.

floor maintenance - - Floor corners cock

if there is a raised floor corner, most by the damp comparison, can undertake dehumidifying treatment timing, such as open air conditioning, dehumidification, reduce indoor humidity. It USES some heavy pressure on the floor of the cock, generally put half a month, can repair the floor cock phenomenon.

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