Five-star hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

five-star hotel furniture is a five-star hotel one of the important engineering projects, like the hotel interior environment design again good also to good hotel furniture collocation. Five-star hotel furniture design need to consider when indoor function and hotel style.

five-star hotels in China now or less, so the five-star hotel furniture industry development is not smooth, mostly to give priority to with high-grade hotel furniture or high-grade furniture industry.

five-star hotel furniture industry there are a few problems:

1, the product quality is uneven, the developing direction of don't understand.

2, high-grade furniture than foreign furniture (there is a gap The style is less) , mid-range although style is not suitable for a five-star hotel.

3, China is less this kind of hotel, if exports more difficult, need to overcome a lot of problems.

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